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HALJIA 1/4W 0.25W Colored Ring Inductors Set 1uH~1MH DIP Color Wheel Assorted Kit (12 x 10PCS)

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  • Model: 1UH, 10UH, 22UH, 33UH, 47UH, 100UH, 150UH, 220UH, 330UH, 470UH, 560UH, 1MH
  • The set including multiple inductance to meet different needs. Quantity: 12 kinds x 10 pcs; 120 pieces.
  • The colored ring inductors set is very light and portable. Easy to install and use.
  • It's of good durability and very useful.
  • It has been combined the advantages of traditional wireless modules, which makes it smaller and consume less energy.

Package Inculded: 
10 x 1UH
10 x 10UH
10 x 22UH
10 x 33UH
10 x 47UH
10 x 100UH
10 x 150uH
10 x 220UH
10 x 330UH
10 x 470UH
10 x 560UH
10 x 1 MH