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How to connect ISD1820 recorder module with Arduino

About ISD 1820 recorder module:

The ISD1820 recorder module is based on the ISD1820 IC, which is a single-chip recorder IC for single information recording and playback.
One of the main features of the ISD1820 recorder module is that it can store messages in its non-volatile memory, and it can be configured to store messages between 8 and 20 seconds in length.
Another main feature of this module is that it has an internal audio amplifier, which can directly drive a 0.5W8Ω speaker without any external amplifier circuit. However, if you want to drive more powerful speakers, you can connect the output of this module to an external amplifier IC, such as LM386.



How to operate the ISD1820 recorder module?

Connect a small 8Ω speaker at the output end of the module, that is, across the SP + and SP- pins.

Press the record button (REC) on the module, and the module starts recording. Keep pressing the button until the complete message is recorded (for example, about 10 seconds).

To play, you can use PLAYE or PLAYL. Press the PLAYE button once, and then play the entire message.

You need to hold down the PLAYL button and start playing the message. If you want to stop playing and return at any time, release the button.

If the PE jumper is activated, the playback will be in an endless loop mode.


ISD1820 recorder module and Arduino interface

Obviously, the ISD1820 recorder module can work independently without any microcontroller. However, controlling the recording and playback functions with the help of Arduino and other microcontrollers gives you the opportunity to extend the functionality of the module to the level of complex applications.

Imagine you are designing a security system that should automatically record voice when it detects movement. This is only possible when you use an Arduino (or any microcontroller) to interface the ISD1820 recorder module.

Required components:
Arduino UNO
ISD1820 recorder module
8Ω speaker
Infrared sensor (reflective)
Wire for connection
power supply

The SP + and SP- pins of the ISD1820 module are connected to the speaker terminals. The VCC and GND of the module are connected to +5V and GND. The REC and PLAYE pins are connected to the digital IO pins 2 and 3 of the Arduino.

A reflective infrared sensor is used here, and the digital output of the sensor is connected to 4 of the Arduino pins.


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