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What do you want to know?
About the store:
Q1: What do you sell?

A: Our shop mainly sells electronic components, electronic product accessories, mainly serving people who are interested in electronic DIY, as well as professionals. Our products are complete, you can almost find the products you need in our shop.

Q2: How to search for the product that I need?
Q3: Do I need to register an account?
Q4: Will my purchase information be leaked?
About the products:
Q1: Do your products only be used by people with certain professional knowledge?

A:No, most of our products are related to electronics, and certain electrical knowledge is required. But if you are interested in electronic DIY, you can also try your own research.

Q2: Will these DIY parts be dangerous?
Q3: Are there instructions for using the product?
Q4: What should I do if the product has quality problems?
Q5: Any other questions?
About the delivery and shipment:
Q1: What is the shipping date?

A:We will ship the order the day after we receive the order. Orders are not shipped on weekend or holidays. Your express will be carried by an international logistics service provider. We will choose the most suitable delivery method for you according to your product and delivery address. 

Q2: Are there restrictions on the sales area?
Q3: Are all products free of shipping?
Q4: How can I check my package logistics information?
Q5: What to do if the logistics is abnormal?
About the checkout:
Q1: What are the payment methods?

A:Currently, only Paypal is supported.