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HALJIA 180PCS 10 Values Tactile Push Button Switch Momentary Tact Tactile Mini Switch Kit PCB Micro 4-Pin 6-Pin Switch Assortment Set Tactile Button Kit Set Compatible with Arduino

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  • There're 180 pcs buttons with 10 different sizes, including 6 x 6 x 4.3mm/5mm/6mm/7mm/8mm/9.5mm/11mm/12mm/13mm , 7 x 7 x 14mm. You can choose the one you need in various situations.
  • There's a storage box with 10 separate grids, so buttons with different size are divided to collect. With this storage box, it's convenient for you to carry these small accessories anywhere you want.
  • Brand new and high quality, high precision mechanism design offers perfect operation and long service life.
  • These tactile push buttons are waterproof&dustproof, with high temperature resistance, these button switches are weldable. With a proper pressure to the tact switch, there'll be a closed circuit, but when the pressure disappears, the circuit is disconnected.
  • Suitable for TVs, audio equipment, video recorders, video cameras, computers, fax machines, walkie-talkies, batons, machine control devices, copying, printers, electronic instruments, meters and other household appliances.

Rated Current: 50 ma
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Insulation Resistance: >250 ohms at 100 ohms
Withstand Pressure: 250 V AC
Contact Resistance: <100 ohms
Welding Temperature: 240 degrees
Mechanical Life: > 100000 cycles
Ambient Temperature: -25 degrees C ~ + 70 degrees Celsius
Humidity: <85% RH
Operating Force: 180 + / - 50

1.The static load or impact load applied to the key of the tactile switch must not exceed the value specified in the tact switch parameter book.
2.The deformation of the tact switch contact is the main cause of contact or tactile failure.
3.The working load of the tact switch should be limited to the vertical direction of the tact switch or to the center of the switch button.
4.When welding the touch switch by hand, should follow it prescribed working conditions:
1)The power of the soldering iron should be less than 20W.
2)The welding head temperature should be less than 240°C.
3)The welding time is controlled within 3 seconds.

Items included::
20pcs x 6*6*4.3
20pcs x 6*6*5
20pcs x 6*6*6
20pcs x 6*6*7
20pcs x 6*6*8
20pcs x 6*6*9.5
20pcs x 6*6*11
15pcs x 6*6*12
15pcs x 6*6*13
10pcs x 7*7*14 Tactile Push Button Self-lock 6 Pin

Packing List:
1 x plastic box of 180pcs Tactile Push Button Switch