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HALJIA USB Relay Module USB Smart Control Switch Intelligent switch control

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  • onboard high-performance micro-controller chips.
  • onboard CH340 USB control chip.
  • onboard LED power lights and relay status LED lights.
  • onboard 5 v,10 A / 250 VAC,10 A / 30 VDC relays,relay's long life can absorb 100000 times in a row.
  • module with over-current protection and relay diode current protection function.

Product description

USB switch the default communication baud rate: 9600 BPS
USB switch communication protocol
Data (1) - startup logo (the default is 0 xA0)
Data (2) - switch address code (the default is 0 x01, identifies the first switch)
Data (3) - operation data (0 x00 to "off", 0 x01 to "on")
Data (4) - check code
For example:
Open the USB switch:A0 01 01 A2
Close the USB switch: A0 01 00 A1 

Packing List:
1X USB relay module USB intelligent switch control