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HALJIA 0.1-2000MHz 2Ghz 30dB High Gain Low Noise LNA RF Broadband Amplifier Module Receiver Wide Band Amplifier HF VHF/UHF

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Operating frequency:0.1-2000MHz
Material: CCL + metal
Power supply voltage: 6-12 VDC
This product with wide frequency range, high gain, low noise figure.
This product can be applied to various rf receive front-end and increases communication distance.
Used for Short wave, FM radio, remote control receiver, such as cable TV signal amplifier need low noise rf signal amplification.


Diameter of end: 5mm
Operating frequency:0.1-2000MHz
Amplifier gain:
F=0.1MHz, gain=32dB
F=500Mhz, gain=31dB
F=1000MHz, gain=29dB
F=1500Mhz, gain=25dB
F=2000MHz, gain=20dB
Maximum power output:+10dBm (10mW)
Power supply voltage: 6-12 VDC
System impedance:50Ω


*When working frequency is less than 500 MHZ,it get well gain flatness, can make it less than 1dB after careful adjustment.
The lower frequency the higher gain consistency.
*Amplifier working frequency of the lower limit is subject to input and output capacitor, the default value is 0.1 uF, working to 0.1 MHz. Increase the input and output capacitance appropriately, can extend the cut-off frequency, such as 10uF capacitance can work to 5KHz.
*When the power supply voltage changes in 5-8 v, it can be used as a variable gain amplifier, gain increases with the increase of the power supply voltage, which suitable for radio frequency receive front-end circuit, using DA control power supply voltage, to control the gain of the amplifier, automatic gain control.
*When the power supply voltage in the 8-10 v, the low frequency end gain up to 30 db, at this time the amplifier has a low noise coefficient and good stability.
*When the voltage is 12 v, reach maximum gain, the low frequency end gain of 32.5 dB.

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1 x wide-band amplifier