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HALJIA 0.22uF~470uF Electrolytic Capacitor for DIY Project (120 PCS) Compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Etc

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100% brand new. Made of high quality material.
Fine workmanship. Practical and durable. Long service life.
Value scope: 0.22uF~470uF
There have 12 values 10pcs for each, total 120 pcs.
Package list: 10 x 50v 0.22uf; 10 x 50v 0.47uf; 10 x 50v 1uf; 10 x 50v 2.2uf; 10 x 50v 4.7uf; 10 x 25v 10uf; 10 x 16v 22uf; 10 x 16v 33uf; 10 x 16v 47uf; 10 x 16v 100uf; 10 x 16v 220uf; 10 x 16v 470uf

Packing List

10 x 50v 0.22uf
10 x 50v 0.47uf
10 x 50v 1uf
10 x 50v 2.2uf
10 x 50v 4.7uf
10 x 25v 10uf
10 x 16v 22uf
10 x 16v 33uf
10 x 16v 47uf
10 x 16v 100uf
10 x 16v 220uf
10 x 16v 470uf