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HALJIA 0.36 Inch DC 4.80V-30.0V Voltmeter 2 Wires Red LED Digital Display Panel Voltage Meter Volt Regulator for Car Automotive Battery Tester

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High accurancy.
Two-wires connection: simply connect the red and black wire to positive and negative pole respectively.
With reversed connection protection, meaning meter will not burn when connected reversely.
0.36" LED digits visible display; it requires low voltage to start; if volt is less than 3.5V, the LED will dim but not affect measurement.
It can test voltage of 18650 or lithium battery, NiMH battery pack, moto, auto, car, etc; screw potentiometer in back side for more accurate results.


Shred size: 23mm x 15mm
Thickness: 10mm
Mounting hole spacing: 28mm
Cable length: 15cm


Red: Power Supply +, Measure voltage+, (4.8V ~30V DC)
Black: Power Supply-, Measure the voltage-


Measuring range: 0~30V; 
Power supply: DC 4.8~30V; 
Max. input: DC 30V; 
Tolerance: +/-1%, +/-0.1V (>10V/=10V), +/0.02 (<9.99V/=9.9V); 
Input impedance: >100Kohm; 
Working current: red: <23mA; 
Refresh rate: 300ms /times; 
Display: 3-digit 0.36" LED; 
Display color: red; 
Operating temperature: -10'C ~ 65'C


Some applications:
Measure18650 batteries
Measure Cell Phone Lithium Batteries
Measure nickel hydride battery
Fairs Cars Motorcycles battery voltage, etc.

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1 x Digital Voltmeter Panel Mount