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HALJIA 0.5 Inch Dia FSR402 Resistive Thin Film Pressure Sensor Force Sensing Resistor 0-10kg Compatible with Arduino

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FSR402 single-zone fore sensoring resistor with 0-10kg force measuring range.
Varies its resistance depending on how much pressure is being applied to the sensing area, the larger the force, the lower the resistance.
Peel-and-stick rubber backing on the other side of the sensing area to mount the FSR.
Can sense applied force on sensing area in the range of 0g-10kg.
Overall length: 2.36 inch, Sensoring area diameter: 0.5 inch.


The model 402 FSR is a single-zone force sensing resistor optimized for use in human touch control of electronic devices.
such as automotive electronics, medical systems, and in industrial and robotics applications. 
It has a 0.5 inch diameter active area to converter the pressure into the resistance then output. 
It is fit for 0-10kg pressure sensing area like small smart robot, mechanical gripper arm and so on.


Sensing Area: 1.27cm / 0.5 inch
Output Signal: Passive variable resistance
Force Sensing Range: 0g~10kg
Length: 6cm / 2.36 inch
Width: 1.9cm / 0.75 inch

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