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HALJIA 0.96" Inch White SPI I2C IIC OLED Serial 128x64 LCD LED Display Module SSD1306 Driver IC DC 3.3V 5V Compatible with Arduino C51 STM32 STM8 MSP430 PIC

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1.OLED display, no need backlight, self-illumination
2.The display performance is better than the traditional LCD display, also lower consumption.
3.Driver IC: SSD1306
4.Size: 0.96 inch OLED
5.Resolution: 128 x 64
6.IIC interface
7.Display Color: white

Pin Description

GND: Power Ground
VCC: Power + (DC 3.3 ~5v)
SCL: Clock Line
SDA: Data Line

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Packing List

1 x HALJIA 0.96 SPI IIC I2C White OLED LCD Display Module