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HALJIA 100Pcs 10 Value RM065 6MM Trimmer Potentiometer Assorted Kit Variable Resistor with Plastci Box

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Horizontal Variable Resistor
Components Package, every value is packed individually and marked the value outside.
The value list: 500R,1K,2K,5K,10K,20K,50K,100K,200K,1M
Trim pot Potentiometer Variable Resistor, Variable Reistor Assorted Kit.
Adjustment Type: Top Adjustment
10 values X 10pcs =100pcs, Total 100 Pieces (Each 10)

Packing List

1 x Potentiometer Assortment kit
10* 500R
10* 1K
10* 2K
10* 5K
10* 10K
10* 20K
10* 50K
10* 100K
10* 200K
10* 1M