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HALJIA 100PCS 10 Values 10nF ~ 470nF CBB Capacitors Polypropylene Film Assortment Kit with Plastic Assortment Box, 10nF 22nF 33nF 39nF 47nF 100nF 150nF 220nF 330nF 470nF

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Heat resistance, small size, large capacity, low loss, good capacitor stability and long service life.
There are 100pcs capacitors in 10 values which will meet you different needs. This is a great assortment of capacitors for electronic professionals or enthusiasts.
Each capacitor is clear marked so you can easily identify which type of capacitors you need.
All capacitors are well packed and assorted in a transparent box for convenient storage.
Used in the circuit of various electrical equipment. CBB polypropylene film is the most-used dielectric film in industrial capacitors and also in power capacitor types.


Type: 103J, 104J, 154J, 223K, 224J, 333K, 334J, 393J, 473K, 474J
Value: 10nF 22nF 33nF 39nF 47nF 100nF 150nF 220nF 330nF 470nF
Box Size: 127 x 69 x 21 mm
Weight: 53.8 g

Packing List

1 × Plastic storage box
10 × 10nF 0.01uF 
10 × 22nF 0.022uF 
10 × 33nF 0.033uF 
10 × 39nF 0.039uF 
10 × 47nF 0.047uF 
10 × 100nF 0.1uF 
10 × 150nF 0.15uF 
10 × 220nF 0.22uF 
10 × 330nF 0.33uF 
10 × 470nF 0.47uF