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HALJIA 100PCS 2.54mm Pitch IC Sockets Dual Rows Solder Type Adaptor Square Hole IC Sockets Adaptor Set PCB Board Adapter Soldering DIP IC Chip Kit Set (6/8/ 14/16/ 18/24/ 28/40 Pins)

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The IC Sockets made of strong and high quality plastic and brass, it insulation resistance greater than 1000 MΩ and the withstand voltage up to 500 volts/minute.
The Double rows IC Sockets solder in well and hold the chips securely, only need to insert and solder fixed, it is easy to solder in place.
IC Sockets Adaptor have the advantage of flexibility, if your chip is broken, you can change it directly. These adapters make it really easy to replace the IC.
The IC Sockets set has great selection of IC sockets. The assortment of different sizes has ensured that you have what when you need it.
There's a storage box with 8 separate grids, so IC Sockets Adaptors with different pins are divided to collect that will convenience to store and protect pins from bending.


Material: Plastic and Metal
Number of Pins: 6/8/14/16/18/24/28/40Pins
Size:6 Pins:7.6mm x 10mm
8 Pins:10mm x 10mm
14 Pins:17.8mm x 10mm
16 Pins:20.3mm x 10mm
18 Pins:22.8mm x 10mm
24 Pins:30.5mm x 10mm
28 Pins:35.7mm x 10mm
40 Pins:51mm x 18mm
Pin Spacing:2.54mm
Temperature Range: -45-110℃
Terminal Contact Resistance: Less than 20 milliohms
Insulation Resistance: Greater than 1000 megohms
Withstand voltage:500 volts/minute

Packing List

1 x plastic box of 100pcs IC Sockets Adapter
20pcs x 6 Pins
20pcs x 8 Pins
10pcs x 14 Pins
10pcs x 16 Pins
10pcs x 18 Pins
10pcs x 24 Pins
10pcs x 28 Pins
10pcs x 40 Pins