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HALJIA 100RPM Metal Mini DC 6V GA12-N20 Speed Reduce Gearbox Gearwheel Motor Geared Electric Motor

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Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC geared motor.
Made from Metal,high quality and light weight micro geared Electric Motor.
Great for speed control,widely used on small robots,electronic locks,electronic and DIY toy car.
Benefiting from high torque and low noise.
Small volume,big torsion,all are metal gear.


Model: GA12-N20 Speed Reduction Geared Motor
Material: Metal
DC voltage: DC 6V
Idling speed: 100rpm
Working Temperature: 40'C~50'C
Speed: 100 RPM
Shaft Diamter: Approx.3mm / 0.12"
Motor Diameter: 12mm / 0.47"
Fuselage without shaft length: 26mm /1.02"
Overall Size: Approx.35 x 25 mm / 1.37" x 0.98" (L x W)
Weight: 9 g

Packing List

1 x DC 6V 100rpm Speed Reduction Geared Motor