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HALJIA 1027 3.0-5.3V / 60mA DC Mobile Phone Mini Flat Vibrating Motor Shock Motor Module Mobile Phone Vibration Module DIY Compatible with Arduino

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This is a small vibration motor suitable as a non-audible indicator. When the input is high, the motor vibrates, just like your cell phone on silent mode.
High-quality mobile phone vibration motor, the vibration effect is obvious. MOS amplification driver, can be controlled directly through the digital port.
The vibration intensity of the motor can be controlled by PWM.
This module can easily convert electrical signals to mechanical vibration.
Suitable for the production of vibration-sensitive interactive products, wearable smart device vibration reminders, etc.
Motor diameter 10mm thickness 2.7mm flat motor.
Drive MOS tube high-level trigger, low cut-off.
Suitable for Arduino platform, microcontroller.


Rated Voltage: 5.0V DC
Working Voltage: 3.0~5.3V DC
Rated Rotate Speed: Min. 9000RPM
Rated Current: Max. 60mAh
Starting Current: Max. 90mAh
Starting Voltage: DC 3.7V
Insulation Resistance: 10Mohm
Compatibility: Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 / Arduino Mega2560
Material: PCB + Alloy + Plastic
Rate Voltage: 5V
Power Range: 3.0~5.3V
Input Voltage: DC 3.0~5.3V
Revolutions Per Minute (RPM): 9000RPM
Working Current: 60mA
Size: 2.85 cm x 2.1 cm x 0.6cm
Fixed hole: 3mm
Pitch: 15mm
Weight: 2.7g

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1 x Vibration Motor Module