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HALJIA 10Pcs 9V Battery Holder Buckle Snaps Power Cable Clip Connector 2.1mm DC Jack Plug Compatible with Arduino CCTV Electronics Vehicle

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  • Material: leather and copper PVC Outer cover.
  • Good electrical conductivity and comfortable sense of touch.
  • Stripped and tinned leads, 1 red and 1 black for easy identification and soldering Snap-on terminal connector for 9-volt battery or for DIY projects.
  • Dc Plug Size : 5.5mm (outer) 2.1mm (inner) male plug connector.
  • Ideal for Led Lights, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Bird Spy Cam, CCTV & Electronic DIY Power connections.

Ideal for connecting a 9 V Battery.
Suitable for most Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LED Light Strips, DIY electronic Educational projects & CCTV Vehicle power supply.
Made to the highest quality material & Precision dimensions.
The connector to 5.5mm (outer) 2.1mm (inner) male connector.
Material: Leather and Copper PVC Outer Cover.
Cable Length: 13cm
Output Voltage: 9V
Color: Black

Packing List:
10Pcs 9V Battery Clips