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HALJIA 15A 400W DC 5V-36V Large Power Mosfet MOS FET Trigger Electronic Switch Driver Module PWM Regulator Control Panel for High-power Equipment Motor LED Strip DC Motor Micro Pump Solenoid Valve

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  • It adopts dual MOS parallel active output, with lower internal resistance, larger current and strong power.
  • High power MOS field effect tube trigger switch driver module PWM regulating electronic switch panel.
  • Wide voltage, perfect support for PWM. The PWM controller can access PWM signal, which can perfectly supported the frequency of 0-20khz.
  • This motor control module can tolerate wide input Voltage (DC 5-36v) it can be applied in various high power equipments.
  • It applys on motor, lamp bulb, LED lamp strip, micro water pump etc.

1: Working voltage: DC 5V--36V. 
2: Trigger signal source: digital high and low level (DC3.3V--20V), can be connected to single-chip IO port, PLC interface, DC power, etc., can be connected to PWM signal, can support signal frequency in 0--20KHZ. 
3: Output capacity: DC 5V--36V, continuous current 15A at normal temperature, power 400W! The maximum current can reach 30A under auxiliary cooling conditions. 
4: Application: The output can control high-power equipment, motor, bulb, LED strip, DC motor, micro pump, solenoid valve, etc. It can input PWM, control motor speed, brightness of lamp and so on. 
5: Service life: unlimited switch; working temperature: -40-85 ° C. 
6: Size: 34 x 17 x 14mm 
7: Weight: 5.2g

Packing List:
1 x Trigger switch drive module