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HALJIA 1602 LCD Display Module With keys LCD Keyboard Keypad Shield Board Compatible with Arduino UNO R3 MEGA2560 Nano

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  • LCD1602 character LCD expansion board, the main board adopts new high-quality 2 lines of 16 character LCD, not only has contrast adjustment knob, backlight selection switch, but also has 4 direction buttons, 1 selection button and a reset button. This 1602 LCD expansion board In a real sense, the circuit is simplified, just plug this board into the rduino Duemilanove controller.
  • Display capacity: 16 × 2 characters
  • Chip working voltage: 4.5-5.5V; Working current: 2.0mA (5.0V)
  • The best working voltage of the module: 5.0V; Character size: 2.95 × 4.35 (W × H) mm
  • Board Size:8cm x 5.9cm - 3.15inch x 2.32inch

Other parameters: 
1. VSS power ground 9 D2 data
2. VDD power supply positive 10 D3 data
3. VL LCD display bias 11 D4 data
4. RS data / command selection 12 D5 data
5. R / W read / write selection 13 D6 data
6. E enable signal 14 D7 data
7. D0 data 15 BLA backlight positive
8. D1 data 16 BLK backlight negative

Pin 1: VSS is the ground power supply.
Pin 2: Connect VDD to 5V positive power supply.
Pin 3: VL is the contrast adjustment terminal of the LCD. The contrast is the weakest when connected to the power supply. The contrast is the highest when grounded. When the contrast is too high, it will produce ghost images. When using it, the contrast can be adjusted by a 10K potentiometer.
Pin 4: RS is the register selection, the data register is selected when the level is high, and the instruction register is selected when the level is low.
Pin 5: R / W is the read-write signal line, read operation when high level, write operation when low level. When RS and R / W are both low level, you can write instruction or display address, when RS is low level, R / W is high level, you can read busy signal, when RS is high level, R / W is low level Data can be written.
Pin 6: The E terminal is the enable terminal. When the E terminal changes from high level to low level, the LCD module executes the command.
Pins 7 to 14: D0 to D7 are 8-bit bidirectional data lines.
Pin 15: Positive backlight.
Pin 16: Negative backlight.

Package Included: 
1 x 1602 LCD Board Keypad Shield Blue Backlight