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HALJIA 20Pcs I and T Type Combination Battery Clip Connector DC 9V Battery Snap Connector and Convenient Adapter(10 Pcs I Type+10 Pcs T Type)

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  • 9V battery connector, hard back plastic connector, electronic wire length 15cm.
  • Simple operation with compact size, quick connect 9V battery without tools.
  • DIY super flexible and low electrical resistance high efficient connection and long service life.
  • Package includes 10pcs T type and 10pcs I type 9V battery button connector cable.
  • This battery clip easy to use, save energy, compact design, ideal as a replacement for replacing your old or damaged battery connector.

9V CCTV battery clip adapter connector has 15 cm red and black colour coded Leads.
A Polarised battery snap with a hard plastic high quality case, 10 pcs I type and 10 pcs T type.
This battery clip can be used to power LEDs or other devices with a 9V battery.
Material : Plastic, Metal
Wire Length: 15cm
Body Size : 2.3 x 1.2 x 0.75cm
Output Voltage: 9V
Color: Black

Packing List:
20Pcs 9V Battery Clip Connector(10 Pcs I Type+10 Pcs T Type)