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HALJIA 220V 120W Wired MCH Metal Ceramic Heater Plate Heating Element 70mm x 15mm

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Heating elements: Ceramics sheet
Casing: high temperature-resistant glass fiber tube
Lead: 1mm industrial nickel wire

1.High mechanical strength,Fast heat dissipation,high thermal efficiency, energy saving, rapid heating, fast temperature compensation
2.Widely used for intelligent bidet seat, electric water heating machine, straight hairer, hair curler, automobia exhaust oxidation
sensors, industrial equipment heater devicer,etc 
3.Heating element is insulating from air, acid and alkali components and other corrosive substances, which is environment friendly 
4.Maximum temperature: up to 500 to 600℃ 
5.Tungsten paste printing heat material, heat more evenly
6.High-temperature making, the newest updated heating plate

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1 * Metal Ceramic Heater