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HALJIA 250PCS 10Value Tactile Push Button Touch Switch Micro Momentary Tact SMD Assortment Kit + Plastic Box

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  • Long life span, durable
  • Widely use for TV, Audio equipment, Video recorders, Cameras, Computers, Game consoles, Fax machines,Walkie-talkie, Batons, Machine tool control unit, Photocopying, Printers etc.
  • Quantity: 250Pcs / box

Temperature: -50'C- 80'C
Cycle Time: >100000 times

Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more.

Packing List:
25PCS 3*4*2.5
25PCS 3*4*2.5
25PCS 3*6*4.3
25PCS 3*6*5 
25PCS 3*4*2 (2P)
25PCS 3*4*2 (4P)
25PCS 4*4*1.5
25PCS 4*4*0.8
25PCS 3*6*2.5
25PCS 6*6*3.1
1 * Plastic Box