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HALJIA 2M USB Cable Barcode Scanner Compatible with Honeywell Metrologic MS7120 1690 5145 9540

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  • Good Quality
  • Length:2meters/around 7Ft
  • Cable For Honeywell Metrologic Barcode Scanner MS7120 1690 5145 9540 and more
  • Reliable and durable cable to protect the device, extra outter layer to prevent cable borken.

Product description

Compatible for PN : CBA-U01-S07ZAR

The device do not in the list may be not compatible.
If first time to use the USB cable,need to set up the scanner,please refer to the manual

Fit for the following Models
DS3578, DS6878,DS9808,DS6707,DS6700,
STB3578,LS9203 LS4007i

For M2007 series, only following models can use USB cable.

USB Parameters (M2007)
The following USB parameters apply to the M2007 (with or without Synapse) only.
Set USB Defaults:
Scan the bar code below to set USB defaults for the parameters on the following pages.
For LS6000 series,Only LS6007i can use USB cable. LS6004, LS6005 can not use USB cable.

Packing List:
1 piece *USB Barcode Scanner Cable