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HALJIA 2PCS 28BYJ-48 DC 12V 4 Phase 5 Wire Stepper Motor Gearmotor for Air Conditioner Security Camera Monitoring Adjustment Direction Drive Compatible with Arduino DIY Project

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  • High-quality stepper motor with gear reduction, low noise and smooth operation. Provide with five wires and four coils and 1/64 gear reduction.
  • The stepper motor can be used for ordinary ULN2003 driver board, connect to the 2 phase, support the development board.
  • 5V can be driven, which is convenient for MCU developers. An open interface can also be used to drive other stepper motors through this board.
  • Applicable to various platforms such as 51/AVR/AVR/ARM.Great stepper motors for your DIY project such as robot design.
  • Suitable for single-chip learning machine learning or air conditioning windshield drive and security camera monitoring adjustment direction drive.

Product specifications:
Motor name: Decelerating Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor
Motor model: 28BYJ-48
Driving voltage: 12V
Drive mode: 4 phase/ 8 beat
Gear reduction ratio: 1/64
Step angle: 5.625 x 1/64
Motor Diameter: 28mm
Wire Length:24cm
Motor Size:42 × 30.8 × 28.6 mm

Packing List:
2 x 12V Stepper motor