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HALJIA 2PCS MC 38 Wired Door Window Sensor Magnetic Switch MC-38 Surface Mount Wired NC Door Sensor Alarm Magnetic Reed Switch White for Home Alarm System

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  • ABS Normally Closed Door Contact Switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field.
  • 0.5A Maximum Switch Current. Long wire lead is side mounted.
  • Designed for use with alarm systems. Great for use in family and factory window, door. etc.
  • Self-Adhesive Mount, Screw Surface Mount. With double-sides tape design that for easily install.
  • Ideal for residential or commercial use. Designed to do embedded in door or window frame in door or window frames.

Product Specifications:
Model: MC-38 
Switch Type: NC(normal close type)
Capacity : 0.5A(Maximum Switch Current)
Voltage : 100V
Rated Power : 10W
Movement distance: 18mm ± 6mm
Life: 1 million times
Switch output: Normally Closed
Color : White
Switch size (single) : 27.7 × 14.5 mm (L × W)
Cable Length : 28cm 
Weight: 7.7g
Surface mounted for non-ferrous doors or windows.
The normally closed principle is combined, the signal is conductive, and it can not be used alone with the wired host.

Packing List:
2 x Magnetic Door Switch