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HALJIA 2Pcs W25Q32 Large Capacity Nor Flash Storage Module 32Mbit Flash SPI Interface BV FV STM32 Code Control Module

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  • The W25Q32 (32M-bit) Serial Flash memories provide a storage solution for systems with limited space, pins and power.
  • Ideal for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI (XIP) and storing voice, text and data.
  • The devices operate on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply with current consumption as low as 5mA active and 1μA for power-down.
  • A Hold pin, Write Protect pin and programmable write protection, with top or bottom array control, provide further control flexibility.
  • Support SPI interface. Provide STM32 test code.

Using serial Nor flash external expansion memory chip W25Q32.
Support SPI interface.
Provide STM32 test code.
Capacity: 32M-bit / 4M-byte
Clock Frequency: ≤ 104MHz
Operating Voltage: 2.7-3.6V
Size: 14.5mm x 16mm/0.57 x 0.63inch
Weight: 1.2g

Packing List:
2 x FLASH Storage Module
2 x Pin Header