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HALJIA 300Pcs 10Value 50V 10pF to 100nF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit

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  • Quantity: 10 Value 300PCS
  • Capacitor Range : 10pf - 100nf
  • Assortment Box for easy access
  • The nice sturdy box helps you keep all caps in order.
  • All of the capacitor is marked the value,easy to find what you need.

Capacitor Range : 10pf - 100nf 
Capacitor Tolerance: ±10%. 
Working Voltage: 50V 
Quantity: 300PCS (30PCS in each type)
Type: 100(10pF), 200(20pF),300(30pF),470(47pF),560(56pF),680(68pF),101(100pF),102(1nF),103(10nF),104(100nF)

Packing List:
30 x 100(10pF)
30 x 200(20pF)
30 x 300(30pF)
30 x 470(47pF)
30 x 560(56pF)
30 x 680(68pF)
30 x 101(100pF)
30 x 102(1nF) 
30 x 103(10nF)
30 x 104(100nF)