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HALJIA 3PCS MAX4466 Electret Microphone Amplifier MAX4466 Sound Sensor Module Adjustable Gain Module Breakout Sensor Board Compatible with Arduino

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The MAX4466 is a micropower operational amplifier optimized for use as a microphone preamplifier. 
They provide an ideal combination of optimized gain bandwidth products and supply current, and low voltage operation in ultra-small packages. 
The MAX4466 has gain stability, requiring only 24μA of supply current to provide a gain bandwidth of 200kHz. 
After decompression, a minimum stable gain of +5V/V can be achieved, and a gain bandwidth product of 600kHz is provided. 
On the back, we include a small trimmer pot to adjust the gain. You can set the gain from 25x to 125x. That's down to be about 200mVpp (for normal speaking volume about 6"" away).
In addition, these amplifiers have rail-to-rail output, high AVOL, and excellent power supply rejection and common-mode rejection ratio, suitable for operation in noisy environments.

Widely used in cellular phones, digital repeaters, earphones, hearing aids, microphone preamplifiers, portable computers, voice recognition systems.
This breakout is best used for projects such as voice changers, audio recordingmpling, and audio-reactive projects that use FFT. On the back, we include a small trimmer pot to adjust the gain.

Power supply voltage: +2.4V to +5.5V (can be directly connected to STM/ARDUNIO/Raspberry Pi and other development board motherboards)
Power supply rejection ratio: 112dB
Common mode rejection ratio: 126dB
AVOL: 125dB (RL = 100kΩ) rail-to-rail output
Static power supply current: <24μA
Gain bandwidth: 600kHz
Size: 20.8 × 13.7 × 7.8 mm

Using introduction:
Connect GND to ground, VCC to 2.4-5VDC.
The audio waveform will come out of the OUT pin.
The output will have a DC bias of VCC/2 so when its perfectly quiet, the voltage will be a steady VCC/2 volts (it is DC coupled).
If the audio equipment you're using requires AC coupled audio, place a 100uF capacitor between the output pin and the input of your device.
If you're connecting to an audio amplifier that has differential inputs or includes decoupling capacitors, the 100uF cap is not required.

Packing List: 
3 × MAX4466 Module