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HALJIA 40PCS PCB Screw Terminal Block Universal 2-Pin/3-Pin 2.54mm 3.81mm 5mm 7.5mm Pitch PCB Mount Screw Connector Green (2-Pin: 2.54mm 3.81mm 5mm 7.5mm/ 3-Pin: 2.54mm 3.81mm 5mm 7.5mm 5pcs Each)

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This product is very complete, including 8 models, 5 peices of each model. Pin number includes 2Pin, 3Pin. Pin distance includes 2.54mm/0.1", 3.81mm/0.15", 5.0mm/0.2", 7.5mm/0.295".
The screw terminal block connector is of great fire retardant performance, easy to welding, stable and reliable, safe to use.
Handy and easy to assemble.
Can be applied in crystal oscillator, IC socket, DIY PCB universal board, dupont line, Arduino Board and other module kit.
There are 40 pcs screw terminal block connectors , enough for you to replace the broken one.
Length: 12.8cm
Width: 6.5cm
Weight: 107g

Packing List:
1 x Screw terminal block connector kit(40pcs)
5pcs × 2-Pin 2.54mm 
5pcs × 2-Pin 3.81mm
5pcs × 2-Pin 5mm 
5pcs × 2-Pin 7.5mm
5pcs × 3-Pin 2.54mm 
5pcs × 3-Pin 3.81mm 
5pcs × 3-Pin 5mm 
5pcs × 3-Pin 7.5mm