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HALJIA 4PCS DC Drive Gear Motor Dual Shaft and Tire Wheel for DC 3V-6V Smart Car Robot Projects Compatible with Arduino

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Four sets of DC motors and wheels, it has an anti-interference ability.
Ideal for robotic platforms, line-tracing robots, etc.
The wheel can be mounted on either side.
The gear motor works well between DC 3V and 6V.
Reduction rate: 1:48.

Power Range: 3~6V
Reduction ratio: 1:48
Speed: Very Fast
3V load (r/min): 125
3V-load 66mm wheel speed (m/min): 26
5V load (r/min): 208
5V-load 66mm wheel speed (m/min): 44
Torque: 0.8KG.cm
Wheel diameter: 65mm * 27mm

Packing List:
4 x DC Gear Motor
4 x Wheel