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HALJIA 5 Pcs Waterproof Ntc 10K 1% 3950 Thermistor Temperature Sensor Probes,1 Meter Extension Cable,Temp Detector Gauge for Car Air Conditioners/Refrigerators

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Product Name :NTC thermal temperature sensor probe (NTC-10K 1% 3950)
Connect with higly precision, highly reliable NTC thermistor and PVC wire,
sealed with insulation, thermal conductivity, waterproof material, easy to install and remote temperature control. 
Using a new technology, stable and reliable performance, use double sealed process, good insulation and anti-mechanical impact, anti-bending ability.
Widely used in home air conditioning, car air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, drinking fountains, heaters, dishwashers,
disinfection cabinet, washing machine, dryer and low temperature drying oven, incubator and other occasions, temperature measurement and control.

Product Features:
High sensitivity, rapid response
Compact structure, easy installation, good waterproof
Wide temperature range, good stability, high reliability
Can provide different R, B value of the product, interchangeability, high precision

Product parameters:
Sealing: copper plated nickel 
Head size 5 * 25.5MM
B value: 3950
Resistance: 10K (25 degree)
Accuracy: 1%
Temperature range: -40 degree~ +300 degree
PVC wire length: 1 m 
Wire withstand voltage: 300V

Packing List:
5 x Temperature Sensor Probe