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HALJIA 500pcs 24Value Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Box Assorted Kit Range 0.1uF to 1000uF

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  • 24 types 500pcs 16 ~ 50V
  • 0.1uF to 1000uF Electrolytic Capacitors
  • A nice sturdy box helps you keep all caps in order
  • All of the capacitors are marked with the values, easy to find what you need
  • An assortment Box for easy access

High quality and long life.
Nominal Capacitance: 0.1uF~1000uF
Capacitance Tolerance: electrolytic +/-20%
Operating Temperature Range: -40deg/C ~105+deg/C
Temperature Coefficient: -55 to +17'C

Items Included:
0.1uF 50V 4x7 30pcs
0.22uF 50V 5x11 20pcs
0.47uF 50V 5x11 20pcs
1uF 50V 5x11 20pcs
2.2uF 50V 4x7 30pcs
3.3uF 50V 4x5 30pcs
4.7uF 50V 4x7 30pcs
10uF 25V 4x7 30pcs
10uF 50V 5x11 20pcs
22uF 16V 4x7 30pcs
22uF 25V 4x7 30pcs
33uF 16V 4x7 30pcs
47uF 10V 4x5 30pcs
47uF 25V 5x11 20pcs
47uF 50V 6x11 15pcs
100uF 16V 5x11 20pcs
100uF 25V 5x11 15pcs
220uF 10V 5x11 15pcs
220uF 25V 6x11 15pcs
330uF 25V 8x12 10pcs
470uF 10V 6x11 10pcs
470uF 16V 8x12 10pcs
680uF 16V 8x12 10pcs
1000uF 16V 8x16 10pcs

Packing List:
1 x Plastic Box (500 x Electrolytic Capacitors )