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HALJIA 5PCS 16 Bit I2C ADS1115 Module ADC 4 Channels with Programmable Gain Amplifier Analog Digital Converter Development Board Module

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ADC bit rate: 16 bits.
Interface type: I2C.
Channels: 4 channels (AN0 AN1 AN2 AN3) or 2 differential inputs.
Input voltage: 2 ~ 5.5 V.
Channel input voltage: 0-VDD.
Continuous mode: only 150μ.
Single shot mode: automatically turns off.
Programmable data rate: 8 sps - 860 sps.
PROGRAMMABLE DATA RATE: transferred via an I2C-compatible serial interface; 8SPS to 860SPS I2C slave addresses can be selected. 
Programmed input range control, 7 types of input ranges: - 0.256 V ~ 0.256 V, - 0.512 V ~ 0.512 V, - 1.024 V ~ 1.024 V, - 2.048 V ~ 2.048 V, - 4.096 V ~ 4.096 V, - 6.144 V ~ 6.144 V.
I2C 7-bit addresses between 0x48 - 0x4B.
INTERNAL PGA up to 860 samples per second (SPS). 
FOUR SINGLE-ENDED OR TWO ±256mV, allowing both large and small signals to be.
PORTABLE INSTRUMENTATION automatically powers down after a conversion and greatly reduces current consumption during idle. 
CONSUMER GOODS periods. The ADS1113/4/5 are specified from –40°C.
Dimensions: 18 x 28 mm.

Portable instrumentation.
Consumer goods.
Battery monitoring.
Temperature measurement.
Factory automation and process control.

Packing List:
5 x CJMCU-ADS1115 development board module.
5 x pin header.