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HALJIA 5Pcs Big Key Module Button Module Keyboard Electronic Block Simulate Light Touch Cap Key Module High Level Output Compatible with Arduino

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Arduino electronic building block button module arduino special module.
Big Keyboard module allows you to use an analog port to read the five key states with sensor expansion board can be done using multiple buttons for interactive work
Analog acquisition, press the different buttons of different voltage output.
High quality Omron button, sensitive and durable Port compatible sensor extension board when pressed output low level, release to maintain high level.
For arduino platform, compatible with arduino sensor interface convenient to connect arduino sensor expansion board.
Voltage: 3.5, 5V
Output: digital level(Push the high level, release the low level)
Interface: 3P interface S V G
Module Size: 20 x 12mm
Weight: 2.2g

Packing List:
5 x Key Analog Button Modules