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HALJIA 5Pcs BX120-3AA High Precision Resistance Strain Gage Strain Gauge GAGE Full Bridge Used for Pressure Weighing Sensor

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Made of constantan foil, fully enclosed structure.
Temperature self-compensation and creep self-compensation can be realized simultaneously.
The strain gauge is attached to the measured object to make it expand with the strain of the measured object, so that the metal foil inside the strain gauge can extend or shorten with the strain.
The resistance of many metals changes when they are mechanically elongated or shortened. The strain gauge is used to measure the strain by measuring the change of resistance.
In general, the sensitive grid of strain gauge is made of copper-chromium alloy, whose resistance variation rate is constant and proportional to strain.
Resistance Value(R): 1002±0.1
Sensitivity Coefficient: 2.0±1%
Base Dimension: 7.3*4.1mm
Wire Grid Dimension: 3*3.1mm
Room Temperature Strain Limit: 20000um/m
Room Temperature Insulation Resistance: 10000MΩ
Backing Material: Modified Phenolic
Weight: 1g

Packing List:
5 x BX120-3AA Resistance Strain Gauge