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HALJIA 5PCS DHT11 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor Module Compatible with Arduino

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  • Working voltage: 3.3 to 5.5V DC; Output form: Digital output
  • Humidity measurement range: 20%-95%;Humidity measurement error: +-5%
  • Temperature measurement range: 0 to 50 celsius degree; Temperature measurement error: +/-2 celsius degree
  • Resolution: Humidity 1% RH, temperature 1 celsius degree;Long-term stability: less +&-1% RH per Year
  • The temperature humidity sensor module is generally used to detect the surrounding of humidity and temperature, including resistive humidity sensing component and NTC temperature testing. This is useful module is fast response, great anti-interference ability and durable.

Product description:
1. Function: Can detect the humidity and temperature of the surrounding environment.
2. Working voltage: 3.3V-5V 
3. Output form: Digital output
4. Temperature measuring range: 0-50 Celsius degree; Temperature measuring error:+ -2 Celsius degree
5. Humidity measuring range: 20% - 95% (0 - 50 Celsius degree); Humidity measuring error: + -5% RH
The sensor adopts DHT11.
6. Using the DHT11 sensor.
7. Power light: Red
8. With fixing bolt holes for easy installation.

Wiring instructions (3-wire system):
1. VCC - 3.3V-5V
2. GND - GND
3. DO - digital output interface (0 and 1)

Packing List:
5 x DHT11 Module
5 x Dupont Cable