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HALJIA 5PCS HDS10 Condensation Sensor Humidity Sensor Module Dew Point Sensor 94-100% RH DC 0.8V White

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HDS10 sensor module is a positive-switching type component, which is insensitive to low humidity, and sensitive to high humidity only. It can work under DC voltage.

Product Parameters:
Model: HDS10 Condensation Sensor
Supply voltage: 0.8v dc (safety voltage)
Operating temperature range: 1-80 degrees
Operating humidity range: 1-100% RH
Condensation test range: 94-100% RH
Advantage: Fast response speed, strong anti-pollution ability, work under DC voltage, high reliability, good stability, and extremely high sensitivity in high humidity environment.
Applications: electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, warehousing, tobacco, textile, meteorology and other industries. Temperature and humidity meter, humidifier, dehumidifier, air conditioner, microwave oven and other products.
Size: 17 × 5 mm

Packing List:
5 × HDS10 Condensation Sensor