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HALJIA 5Pcs KY-003 Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Module DC 5V Compatible with Arduino PIC AVR Smart Cars

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  • Non-Contact Switch.
  • Hall Switch Integrated Circuit Using hall Effect Principle.
  • USES The Semiconductor Integrated Technology Manufacturing Magnetic Susceptibility of the Circuit.
  • It is by the Voltage Regulator, Hall Voltage Generator, Differential Amplifier, Schmidt Triggers, Temperature Compensation and the Open Collector Output Stage Circuit Composed of Magnetic Sensitive Sensor Circuit.
  • Its Input For the Magnetic Induction Intensity, the Output is a Digital Voltage Signal.

Hall switch integrated circuit using hall effect principle.
Uses the semiconductor integrated technology manufacturing magnetic susceptibility of the circuit.
It is by the voltage regulator, hall voltage generator, differential amplifier, schmidt triggers, temperature compensation and the open collector output stage circuit composed of magnetic sensitive sensor circuit.
Its input for the magnetic induction intensity, the output is a digital voltage signal.
Hall magnetic sensor module and a digital 13 interface with LED build a simple circuit, to produce a magnetic flasher.
Use digital 13 interface with the LED, the Hall magnetic sensor connected to the force plate number 3 for ARDUINO interface.
When the Hall magnetic sensor to a magnetic field signal , LED lights on, versa lights off.
Working voltage: DC 5V
Module Size: 19 x 15.5mm
Weight: 1.3g

Packing List:
5 x KY-003 Magnetic Sensor Module