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HALJIA 5PCS L9110S Dual-Channel H-bridge Stepper Motor Dual DC Motor Driver Controller Board Module Compatible with Arduino

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1. Double L9110S chip motor driver chip
2. Power supply voltage: 2.5V - 12V
3. Suitable motor scope: motor working voltage of 2.5 v to 12 v, 0.8 A maximum working current
4. Can drive two DC motors at the same time, or 1pcs Phase 4 line 2 type stepping motor
5. PCB size: 2.8 cm * 2.1 cm super small volume, suitable assembling
6. Set fixed mounting holes, diameter: 3 mm

Interface specification:
6 p black bending row needles explain
VCC -- 2.5 V to 12 V voltage
IA1 -- microcontroller IO port
IB1 -- microcontroller IO port
IA2 -- microcontroller IO port
IB2 -- microcontroller IO port

4 p green terminal instructions
OA1 OB1 connecting DC motor 2 pin, no direction
OA2 OB2 connecting DC motor 2 pin, no direction

Directions for use: 
Connecting VCC, GND module power indicator lighting
IA1 input high level, IA1 input low level, OA1 OB1 motor forward;
IA1 input low level, IA1 input high level, OA1 OB1 motor reverse;
IA2 input high level, IA2 input low level, OA2 OB2 motor forward;
IA2 input low level, IA2 input high level, OA2 OB2 motor reverse.

Packing List:
5 x Motor Driver Module