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HALJIA 5PCS Microwave Radar Sensor RCWL-0515 Switch Module Human Intelligent Induction Board Detector Module

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  • RCWL-0515 is a microwave sensor module using Doppler radar technology, specifically used to detect object movement.
  • Using 2.7G microwave signal detection, the module has the characteristics of high sensitivity, long sensing distance, strong reliability, large sensing angle and wide supply voltage range.
  • Microwave induction is a new type of induction mode without dead angles, based on the principle of Doppler radar. Its planar antenna emits electromagnetic waves and receives reflected echoes, which can effectively suppress the interference of high-efficiency harmonics and other clutter. Strong reliability, safe and convenient.
  • Compared with infrared products: the microwave switch has a longer sensing distance, a wide angle, no dead zones, can pass through glass and thin wooden boards, and can pass through walls of different thicknesses according to different powers, and is not affected by environment, temperature, dust and so on. In a 37 degree environment, the sensing distance will not be shortened.
  • Application: 1. Corridor lights, sensor lights, solar lights;2. UV disinfection lamp;3. Human body motion sensing. 4. Widely used in various human induction lighting and anti-theft alarm and other occasions.

Working voltage: 4-18V
Working current: 4mA
Working frequency: 2.7G
Reserved patch and in-line CDS interface
7 meters typical sensing range
Adjustable sensing distance
Lead-free process
Adjustable repeat trigger time
Size: 24 × 17 × 2.8mm

1. Corridor lights, sensor lights, solar lights
2. UV disinfection lamp
3. Human body motion sensing

Use attention:
1. There must be no metal shielding directly in front of the sensing surface.
2. Reserve more than 2cm space in front of and behind the sensing surface. If the application sensitivity is very high, it is recommended to reserve a distance of more than 4cm, and the blocking space behind the module should be as small as possible.
3. The module and the mounting carrier plane are as parallel as possible.
4. Microwave modules cannot be applied on a large scale in the same area, otherwise mutual interference will occur, and the distance between individual bodies is preferably greater than 1m.

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5 × RCWL-0515 Microwave Radar Sensor Module