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HALJIA 5V 12864 LCD Display Module 128x64 Dots Graphic Characters Letter Matrix Blue Backlight Compatible with Arduino Copiers Fax Machines Printers 3D Printer

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1.12864 LCD Smart Display Screen can be used for copiers, fax machines, laser printers,3D Printer, industrial test equipment, networking equipment etc.
2. Large screen, clear white characters with blue backlight
3.Provides multi-function commands:Display clear,Return home,Display on/off,Cursor on/off,Display character blink,Cursor shift,Display shift,Vertical line scroll,reverse display
4.Module can display letters, numbers, Chinese fonts and graphics, mixed display graphics and text,in addition, 
it can display 128 (column) × 64 (row) dots.8 × 4 (16 × 16 dot matrix) Chinese characters.
5.Provides three control interfaces: 8-bit microprocessor interface, 4-bit microprocessor interface, serial interface.
6.Board size:93mm*70mm(L*W),Screen size:77mm*50mm(L*W),View area: 70mm*40mm(L*W)

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1*12864 LCD Display Module