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HALJIA 5V 2004A LCD Module Blue Screen 20 x 4 Character Display LCD Module Shield Blue Backlight Compatible with Arduino

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  • The character type liquid crystal display module is a dot matrix type liquid crystal display module specially used for displaying letters, numbers, symbols, etc., and can display 4 lines with 20 characters in each line.
  • Support 4-bit and 8-bit data transmission.
  • Provide 5×7 dot matrix + cursor display mode.
  • Provide display data buffer DDRAM, character generator CGROM and character generator CGRAM, you can use CGRAM to store the font data of up to 8 graphic characters of 5×8 dot matrix defined by yourself.
  • Provide rich command settings: clear display; cursor return to origin; display on/off; cursor on/off; display character flashes; cursor shift; display shift, etc.

Model: 2004A
Working voltage: 5V 
Display screen: blue screen
Backlight color: yellow-green/white/red
Sight Size: 76.0mm×26.0mm
Dot size: 0.55mm×0.55mm
Character size: 29.5mm×47.5mm
Controller: SPLC780
Display content: 20 characters × 4 lines Operating voltage +5V
Connection method: conductive adhesive strip
Interface mode: single row parallel port
Backlight type: EL/LED
Working temperature: -10~+60℃
Storage temperature: -20~+70℃
Shape Size: 98.0mm×60.0mm
Weight: 71g

Packing List: 
1 × 2004A LCD Module