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HALJIA 5V 30A 2 Channel High and Low Level Trigger Relay Module Intelligent Home PLC Automation Control Compatible with Arduino

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Adopt double-sided PCB board, the whole module layout is reasonable and beautiful.
Control load with high power relay up to 30A.
Each channel is equipped with optocoupler isolation and strong anti-interference ability.
Black 9500 terminal, more convenient, high current wiring.
Each channel has a relay-on switch LED indication, and the continuity is clearly visible.
Control zone and load zone have isolation slots.
Applied to PLC automation equipment control, industrial system control, Internet of Things control, home intelligent control, electronic enthusiast development experiments, various circuit modification, etc. 
05V low level trigger module: 0-2V DC relay is turned on (0N), 3-5V DC relay is turned off (OFF)
05V high level trigger module: 3.3-5V DC relay is on (0N), 0-2.5V DC relay is off (0FF)
Supply voltage: 5V Quiescent Current: 5mA
Load voltage: DC 30V or AC 250V
Load current: 30A
Relay life: more than 100,000 times
Size: 70 x 72 x 22mm
Weight: 90.5g

Packing List:
1 x Relay Module