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HALJIA 6PCS 1 Channel 5V Relay Expansion Module Board Shield Low Level Trigger Universal Blue Terminal High Performance Compatible with Arduino Uno 1280 2560 ARM PIC AVR DSP MCU

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This module complies with international safety standards, and the control area and the load area have isolation slots.
This module can be used as a microcontroller development board module, can be used as home appliance control.
This module control DC or AC signal and control 220V AC load.
There is a normally open and a normally closed contact. With power and relay action indication, bright when connect and go off when disconnects.
The blue terminal is more convenient to connect to the control line.
Size: 43 x 17 x 18 mm 
Weight: 12.8g

Packing List:
6 x 1 Channel Relay Module