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HALJIA 6PCS 4 × 1.5V AA Battery Holder, Plastic Battery Storage Case Box Holder for 4 X AA 4AA 6V 4 Slots Double Sides Battery Box with Wire Leads

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  • Battery Type: 4 x AA battery; Material: Durable plastic and metal.
  • The double side battery box holder with wire connector, fit for 4 x AA 6V batteries.
  • High quality battery holder case with wire leads for easy soldering and connecting.
  • Metallic spring for easy install and convenient for electric circuit DIY work.
  • Great for use in electronics applications and small hobby projects.

This battery box holder with wire connector, fit for 4 × 1.5V batteries.
With spring clip design, you can easily put the battery in it.
The black and red two wire design is great for easily soldering and connecting.
Model: Double Side 4 × 1.5V Battery Holder
Battery Type: 4 x AA battery
Color: Black
Material: Plastic and Metal
Size: 57 x 32 x 29.5 mm
Wire Length: about 14 cm
Weight: 9 g

Packing List: 
6 x 4AA Battery Holder