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HALJIA 6Pcs HX711 Weight Pressure Sensor Module 24-bit Precision AD Module Dual-channel Load Cell Compatible with Arduino DIY

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  • This module uses a 24-bit high-precision A/D converter chip hx711. It is designed for high-precision electronic scales.
  • It has two analog channel inputs and an integrated 128-times gain programmable amplifier.
  • The input circuit can be configured to provide bridge-bridged (eg, pressure, weighing) sensor modes, making it an ideal high-precision, low-cost sampling front-end module.
  • Power consumption (including regulated power supply circuit): Typical operating current: 1.7mA, power-off current: 1μA.
  • Operating voltage range: 2.6 5.5V; Operating temperature range: -20 +85 °C; 16-pin SOP-16 seal.

Two selectable differential inputs.
On-chip low noise programmable amplifier with selectable gains of 64 and 128.
On-chip voltage regulator circuit provides power directly to external sensors and on-chip A/D converters.
The on-chip clock oscillator does not require any external devices, and an external crystal or clock can be used if necessary.
Power-on automatic reset circuit.
Simple digital control and serial communication: all controls are input by pins, and the on-chip registers do not need to be programmed.
Choice of 10Hz or 80Hz output data rate.
Synchronously suppresses power disturbances of 50Hz and 60Hz.
Typical operating current: 1.7mA, power-off current: 1μA
Operating voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V
Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +85 °C
Module Size: 33.5 x 20.6mm
Weight: 2.8g

Packing List:
6 x HX711 Weight Sensor Module