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HALJIA 6PCS Micro Switch D2FC-F-7N (10M) Mouse Micro Switch Light Touch Switch Microswitch Repair Kit Compatible with Razer Roccat SteelSeries APPLE MS Computer Mice

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  • Model: D2FC-F-7N (10M)
  • Mechanical life: 10 million times
  • Cree: 60+/-15g
  • Suitable for many different brand products (see compatibility list below).
  • High quality, durable,not easy to damage.

Compatible models:
Lo - G-Serie (G1, G5, G7, G9, G9x, G100, G300, G302 Daedalus Prime, G303 Daedalus Apex, G400s, G402 Hyperion Fury, G403 Prodigy, G500, G502 Proteus, G602, G700, G700S, G900 Chaos Spectrum); 
Lo - V-Serie (V450, V550 Nano); 
Lo - VX-Serie (Nano, Revolution); 
Lo - Trackman Marble; 
A4tech - Oscar X710 Extrafire; 
Apple - G3, G4, G5; 
ASUS - Echelon, GX1000, ROG Gladius, ROG Sica, ROG Spatha; 
Cooler Master - Storm Havoc, Storm Mizar, Storm Reaper, Storm Recon, Storm Xornet; 
Corsair - Raptor M45, Vengeance M60, M65 Pro, Vengeance M95; 
Cougar - 450M, 550M, 600M, 700M; 
Mad Catz - R.A.T. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PRO S, PRO X, MMO7; 
Microsoft - IntelliMouse Optical 1.1, IntellieMouse Explorer 3.0; 
Mionix - Avior 7000, Avior 8200, Castor, Naos 7000, Naos 8200; 
RAZER - Abyssus, Copperhead, DeathAdder, DeathAdder Chroma, Ikari, Imperator, Krait, Lachesis, Mamba, Naga, Naga Chroma, Naga Hex V2, Orochi, Salmosa, Taipan; 
Roccat - Kiro, Kone+, Kone XTD, Kone Pure, Kova, Kova+, LUA, Nyth, Pyra, Savu, Tyon... 

Matters needing attention when replacing the mouse:
(1) If the action is too slow during welding, the mouse micro switch will be damaged.
(2) Do not leave the soldering iron on the circuit board for a long time, so as not to overheat the wiring.
(3) When replacing the new fretting, the gap between the fretting and the circuit board should be compressed when soldering.
(4) The heating time of the solder should be short (please keep the constant temperature of the welding gun), it is best not to exceed 1.5s, so as to avoid excessively long time and lead to double-click.
(5) After replacing the fretting, check the circuit board, and do not leave solder on the board to avoid short circuit.

Size: 12.8 x 9.6 x 5.8 mm
Weight: 0.6g

Packing List:
6 x D2FC-F-7N (10M)