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HALJIA 70PCS Open Barrel Copper Ring Assortment Kit Lug Terminals Cable Wire Crimp Connector OT Wire Crimp Connectors Assortment Kit, OT 10A 20A 30A 40A 50A

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  • The Open Barrel Copper Ring Lug set includes 20 x OT-10A, 20 x OT-20A, 10 x OT-30A, 10 x OT-40A, 10 x OT-50A (5 Types 70pcs)
  • These open barrel lug terminals are made of high quality copper for better performance and safety. They have good electrical conductivity, very practical and reliable.
  • The open barrel wire crimp is easier to crimp and solder than the standard closed sleeve type, and this design can work well with any cable. Use a crimping tool to carefully fold the edges over and then solder the connection well.
  • Easy to identify and store. Values remarked on terminals, it’s convenient for users to distinguish and store these terminals. The attached storage box is suitable for users to classify and store these terminals.
  • Copper electrical lugs can be used for machine, railway, electrical, household appliances, transformers, circuit breakers, isolation switches or substation wall threading.

Terminal Material: Copper 
Terminal Types: Open Barrel Cable Lug Ring Terminal 
Model: OT-10A OT-20A OT-30A OT-40A OT-50A 
Package Size: 12.7 × 6.8 × 2.2 cm
Package Weight: 119.7 g 

OT-10A Specification:
Overall Length: 19.6mm
Tail Length: 6.3mm
Ring Diameter: 5mm(Inner), 9.3mm(outer)
Wire Section: 1.5-4mm2(AWG 16-12)
Quantity: 20pcs

OT-20A Specification:
Overall Length: 22.5mm
Tail Length: 7mm
Ring Diameter: 6.3mm(Inner), 10.2mm(outer)
Wire Section: 1.5-6mm2(AWG 16-10)
Quantity: 20pcs

OT-30A Specification:
Overall Length: 24mm
Tail Length: 7.8mm
Ring Diameter: 6.3mm(Inner), 11mm(outer)
Wire Section: 2.5-6mm2(AWG 14-10)
Quantity: 10pcs

OT-40A Specification:
Overall Length: 25.5mm
Tail Length: 8.5mm
Ring Diameter: 6.3mm(Inner), 12mm(outer)
Wire Section: 4-10mm2(AWG 10-8)
Quantity: 10pcs

OT-50A Specification:
Overall Length: 28mm
Tail Length: 9mm
Ring Diameter: 6.3mm(Inner), 12.8mm(outer)
Wire Section: 4-10mm2(AWG 10-8)
Quantity: 10pcs

Packing List: 
1 x Plastic Box 
20 x OT-10A 
20 x OT-20A 
10 x OT-30A 
10 x OT-40A 
10 x OT-50A