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HALJIA 900Pcs 18 Kinds Transistor NPN PNP Kit Set 30-180V 50-1500mA Assortment Model:A1015,A733,C945,C1815,S8050,S8550,S9012,S9013,S9014,S9015,S9018,SS8050,SS8550,2N2222,2N3904,2N3906,2N5401,2N5551

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  • Type: NPN / PNP
  • Voltage: 30-180V
  • Current: 50-1500mA
  • Quantity: 900Pcs
  • Model:A1015,A733,C945,C1815,S8050,S8550,S9012,S9013,S9014,S9015,S9018,SS8050,SS8550,2N2222,2N3904,2N3906,2N5401,2N5551

Item - Voltage- Current(mA)- Type- Quantity:
A1015 - 50V- 150mA- PNP- 50Pcs
A733 - 60V- 150mA- PNP- 50Pcs
C945- 60V- 150mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
C1815- 60V- 150mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
S8050- 40V- 500mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
S8550- 40V- 500mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
S9012- 40V- 500mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
S9013- 40V- 500mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
S9014- 50V- 100mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
S9015- 50V- 100mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
S9018- 30V- 50mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
SS8050- 40V- 1500mA- NPN- 50Pcs
SS8550- 40V- 1500mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
2N2222- 60V- 600mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
2N3904- 60V- 200mA- NPN- 50Pcs 
2N3906- 40V- 200mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
2N5401- 160V- 600mA- PNP- 50Pcs 
2N5551- 180V- 600mA- NPN- 50Pcs 

Packing List:
18* Sets of transistors (900PCS)