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HALJIA AC Current Detection Sensor Module 12V Relay Protection Module 5A Over-current Protection Switch Output

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  • Country of Manufacture: CHINA
  • Material: Electronic Parts
  • Net Weight: 24g
  • Package Content: 1 x Current Detection Sensor Module
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V

Product description

LC 5A Over-current protection Sensor module uses current transformer to collect the AC signal to achieve the relay over-current signal output within 0-5A.
Relay pull while over-current, relay released while not over-current. 
Users can use the relay COM, NC, NO three ports to control the external circuit on and off, in order to achieve over-current protection.

1, Operating voltage: DC12V;
2, Operating current: <20MA;
3, Operating frequency range: 20Hz ~ 400Hz
4, Output mode: switch signal output;
5, Maximum detection wire diameter: 5.2mm;
6, Mounting hole: hole diameter is 3mm, hole distance is 52.5mm;
7, Operating environment: -40 'C ~ +85 'C;
8, Current detection resolution can change the parameter of resistance parameters;
9, Output over-current switching signal output;
10,Over-current signal setting critical point adjustable, the current detection range AC0.3A-5A;

Packing List:
1 x Current Detection Sensor Module