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HALJIA AS5600 Magnetic Encoder Magnetic Induction Angle Measurement Sensor Module Magnetized Encoder 12 bit High Precision with Magnet

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  • Non-contact magnetic induction angle measurement module.
  • High precision, a variety of output modes:IIC,PWM And voltage.
  • High-quality AS5600 modules made of high-quality materials are durable and not easily damaged.
  • Wide support, perfect match.
  • You will get an AS5600 magnetic encoder module, a 7pin pin header, and a small magnet.

Board Size:23.3 × 22.8 mm
Kit Weight: 2.6g

Electrical parameters: 
VCC: 3.3V
GND: Power Ground
Out: PWM /Analog voltage output
DIR: Rotational direction (ground=Value increases clockwise; then VCC =Clockwise values are decreased)
SCL: IIC The communication clock line
SDA: IIC Data communication line
GPO: Mode selection (internal pull ground=Programming mode B)

Packing List: 
1 × AS5600 Magnetic Encoder
1 × Pin header
1 × Magnet